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Pocket Slit Lamp
  • Pocket Slit Lamp
  • Pocket Slit Lamp
  • Pocket Slit Lamp

Pocket Slit Lamp

Slit lamp Microscope Model: SL-150 CE and FDA
Detailed description
Clearest image for examiner 
Most comfortable light for patient
Magnification: 5x
Length of slit: 5mm 11mm (continously)
Minimum width of slit:  0.2mm
Working distance: 12 ~ 32mm
Light source: LED ( 3v/1w, 20,000 hours working life )
Power supply: AA alkaline batteries x 2 (more than 3 hrs working life)
Net weight: 150g(without batteries)
Guarantee:                 1 Year
Ultra-portable: The ultra-portable slit lamp is an excellent diagnostic instrument for examination of anterior segment structures and ocular abnormalities. Its easy-to-operate optical system produces a high-brightness, continuously adjustable slit image ideal for pediatric and geriatric setting, emergency department screenings, ward rounds, bedside examination, post-op evaluations and mission work.
LED illumination: The most prominent advantage of the LED illumination system gives examiner the clearest image without glare. 
Comfortable using experience:  The low heat radiation from the LED lamp makes the most comfortable examine experience for the patient 
 Sharpest Slit:   With the blade imaging system S150 gives equally sharpest slit as the best classic slit lamp in the world.
No need to replace illumination lamp:  The LED lamp used in SL-150 Portable Slit Lamp is rated 20,000 hours at full power. Its life time is almost 10 times longer than normal Halogen lamp.
Power- saving:  SL-150 can work for long hours without changing batteries.