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SL-360 Slit lamp (LED Bulb)
  • SL-360 Slit lamp (LED Bulb)
  • SL-360 Slit lamp (LED Bulb)
  • SL-360 Slit lamp (LED Bulb)

SL-360 Slit lamp (LED Bulb)

able upgrade to digital by beam splitter, camera adapter & DSLR camera or CCD adapter & CCD.
Detailed description

Slit lamp Microscope 

Haag Streit Type

Model: SL-360 ( 5 Steps, LED bulb)
Model: SL-360S ( 3 Steps, LED bulb)

CE & US FDA approved.

·Imported Schott optics from Germany
Microscope type Galilean system
Magnification changer Revolving drum (5 steps)
Total magnification 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X (or 10x, 16x, 25x,  or 10x, 16x)
Ocular magnification 12.5 X
Ocular field Ø18mm
Inter pupillary distance 52mm~78mm
Diopter adjustment +6D to -6D
Object image field Ø in mm 34.7(6X), 22(10X), 13.5(16X), 8.5(25X), 5.5(40X)
Slit image width 0~14mm continuous
Slit image length 1~14mm continuous
Light source 6V / 20W halogen incandescent light bulb
Slit image radial range 0180°
Filters Heat aborption, redfree(green), cobalt blue
Illumination fields (Ø in mm:) 0.5/ 3.5/ 8/ 14/ 1~14mm continuous
Illumination intensity: 50KLX
Optional Accessories Applanation Tonometer, Measuring Eye Piece ,Trihedron Lens, Gonioscope, Funduscope, Aspheric Lens, Retinal Lens, Teaching Tube, beamsplitter, camera adapter, CCD adapter