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Auto Chart Projector (CP-68)
  • Auto Chart Projector (CP-68)
  • Auto Chart Projector (CP-68)

Auto Chart Projector (CP-68)

Chart Type (33 Charts)
Detailed description

Auto Chart Projector
Model: CP-68

Type Snellen compatible chart. Features 33 charts (randomly accessable) with 5 different types ( Letters, Landolt C, Illiterate E, Numerals, Kindergarten). 60 different masks. High speeed chart switching (0.3 seconds).
Remote Control Remote control system
Filter Red / Green
Distance of Projection 2.2m-6.5m
Tilting Angle 360°
Halgeon Lamp 6V 20W
Battery 1.5V
Power Source AC88V-AC265V    50/60HZ
Auto Shut Off Function 6/12/18/24 minutes
Dimension 210(W) X 345(D) X 195(H)mm
N.W. 6.6KG
G.W. 9.45KG