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Ophthalmic B Scan (Ultra Portable)
  • Ophthalmic B Scan (Ultra Portable)

Ophthalmic B Scan (Ultra Portable)

Operating sytem : Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 Processor:32bit or 64 bit,1.6G or higher
Detailed description

Ophthalmic B Scan (Probe is made in USA)

Model No.: NV-4000B

B Probe: 10 MHz


Compact, Productive, Affordable
Ultra Portable for use at multiple locations
Unique touch screen display
Activation switch on the probe
Easy to operate
Professional Angle, Area, and Ruler analysis software
Ultrasound Made Simple
Adjustable Probe Pulse Power
One touch video file (AVI) saving function
Data Wireless transfer
Share Information Easily
Durable and water-proof
Free software updates

Systems Requirement
Operating sytem: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
Processor: 32bit or 64 bit,1.6G or higher
Memory: 2G RAM
Ports: USB 2.0
Display: 1024×768(Min) resolution with 32bit
Printer: Standard PC Printer or USB Video Printer

Standard Accessories

USB B Probe(Made in USA)
Power Line

Optional Accessories

Work Table