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Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6800)
  • Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6800)

Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6800)

The FA series shine a conical beam of infrared ray into the eye and photographs the circular ring pattern created by the refractiveness of the ocular fundus. This data is then digitally processed and reborn as the most reliable refractive data by our latest electronic technology.
Detailed description

Auto Refractometer

Model No.: FA-6800



Faster and more accurate measurement: measurement time is reduced half compare with a conventional Auto Refractometer 
More elegant and tailor-made design, more stable and longer life span
Measurement minimun pupil diameter -2.0mm:pupils of patient all over the world can be measured easily 
Selectable functions mode: you can select and change diopter steps, vertex distance,cylinder mode, measuring mode, shop name ,date and time,The data measured can be used for different modes of STEP,VD and CYL.

Measuring Range Spherical -20+20D(VD=12) 0.12D/ 0.255D steps
Cylinder -8+8D 0.12D/ 0.25D steps
Axis 0∽180°,1°steps
Pupil Distance 45∽85mm, 1mm steps
Vertex Distance) 0mm, 12mm, 13.75mm
Min.Pupil Size Ø2.0mm
Chart Auto fog
Display 7CRT Monitor
Print Thermal Printer
Power Supply 100∽120v/200∽240v, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 484(L) X282 (w) X440 (H) mm·mm·mm
Weight ∽20kg(44 lb)