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PD Meter (PD-200)
  • PD Meter (PD-200)

PD Meter (PD-200)

PD Meter is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of optometry. This device is designed in a scientific and reasonable way, integrating technologies on optics, microelectronics.
Detailed description

PD Meter

Model No.: PD-200



1、Range of data display: Binocular pupillary distance:44~83mm

Left or right pupillary distance:22~41.5mm

2、Effective range of measurement:

Binocular pupillary distance:45~82mm

                       Left or right pupillary distance:22.5~41mm

3、Indication error:      ≤0.5mm

4、Rounding error:      ≤0.5mm

5、Distance of target:    30cm~∞

6、Power source:       Voltage:DC 6V

                       Specification:5# AA battery

Quantity:4 pieces

7、Time for automatic shut-off:

1 and a half minutes after stopping operation

8、Overall dimensions:   219mm(L)×169mm(W)×86mm(H)

9、Weight:             0.7kg