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Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6500)
  • Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6500)
  • Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6500)

Auto Refractometer (Model: FA-6500)

Detailed description

Auto Refractometer                                                               
Model No.: FA-6500   


Faster and more accurate measurement: measurement time is reduced half compare with a conventional Auto Refractometer
More elegant and tailor-made design
Measurement minimun pupil diameter -2.0mm:pupils of patient all over the world can be measured easily 
Selectable functions mode: you can select and change diopter steps, vertex distance,cylinder mode, measuring mode, shop name ,date and time,The data measured can be used for different modes of STEP,VD and CYL.
FA-6500    Specifications
Measuring Range Spherical -20~+20D(VD=12) 0.12D/ 0.255D steps
Cylinder -8~+8D 0.12D/ 0.25D steps
Axis 0~180°,1°steps
Pupil Distance 45~88mm, 1mm steps
Vertex Distance) 0mm, 12mm, 13.75mm
Min.Pupil Size Ø2.0mm
Chart Auto fog
Display 7Color LCD Monitor
Print Thermal Printer
Power Supply 100~120v/200~240v, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 484(L) X282 (w) X440 (H) mm·mm·mm
Weight ~20kg(44 lb)