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UBM (Ultra-Portable)
  • UBM (Ultra-Portable)
  • UBM (Ultra-Portable)

UBM (Ultra-Portable)

Ultra Portable Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM)
Detailed description

Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM)

Ultra Portable

USA made Probe

Screen is optional


Hand Piece with contact or immersion probes

Activation switch on the probe
Easy to operate 
Corneal protection, safe and reliable
Professional Angle, Area, and Ruler analysis software
One touch video file (AVI) saving function
Data Wireless transfer
Durable and water-proof 
Free software updates


UBM(Ultrasound Biomicroscope)
Frequency (MHZ): 48 MHz 
Scanning Method: Variable field sector scanner
Gain (dB)( Frozen image gain adjustment): 0-120 Db
Gain Curves: Logarithmic with user-selectable window (contrast) and level (brightness) control
Field of View (Depth in mm): 32mm
Image Process: Adjustable Gamma: Linear, S-Curve, Log, Color
Display Mode: UBM,UBM+A,
Anterior Segement Biometry: Single measurement of cornea thickness,anterior chamber,depth (ACD),and lens thickness
ZOOM (x): live zoom(8x)
Reports: Microsoft Word™,Html or PDF
Measurement Calipers w/ velocity adjustment: Length, angle ,Area
Snapshot (still image) format: Jpeg, bmp, png, tiff
Systems Requirement
Operating sytem: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, and 8
Processor: 32bit or 64 bit,1.6G or higher
Memory: 2G RAM
Ports: USB 2.0
Display: 1024x768(Min) resolution with 32bit
Printer: Standard PC Printer  

Packing List
UBM Probe (USA made)
Power Line