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LED Visual Chart (C-901)
  • LED Visual Chart (C-901)
  • LED Visual Chart (C-901)

LED Visual Chart (C-901)

LED Visual Chart
Detailed description

LED Vision Chart  
Model no.: C901

LED Type 17” Panel with long-lasting backlight
Resolution 1920*1080 pixels
Brightness 160cd/m 2 (min. )
Charts Optotypes Tumbling E, Landolt C, Alphabet, Numbers, Children.
Mask type Single Mask, Horizontal Mask, Vertical Mask, White/Black Mask, Red/Green Mask
Special Chart ETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Test, Contrast Test, Ishihara, Cross Cylinder, Astigmatic Fan Dial, Cross Grid, Fixation Spot Test, Stereo Test, Red/Green Panel, Worth Four-Dot Test, Red/Green Balance, Street Lamp, Horizontal Coincidences, Vertical Coincidences, Schober.
Other functions Video Playing, Audio Playing, Randomization Optotypes Playing, Mirror function, Screen Saver function, Standby function.
Visual Unit Decimal  (0.04)-(2.0)
20ft  (500)-(10)
6m  (150)-(3)
LogMAR  (-0.3)-(1.4)
5-Grade  (3.6)-(5.3)
Working Distance 2m- 7m, 0.1 step
6ft- 24ft (in steps of 0.5ft)
Power Supply Input AC 220V-230V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Output 12V DC
Consumption 20Watt (max)
Remote Controller IR Remote, AAA Battery
Packaging Dimension 500mmx 440mm x 210mm (L/W/H)
Gross Weight 7KGS
Net Weight 1.75KGS
Standard Accessories Remote Controller, Wall Bracket, Desk Bracket, Red/Green Glasses, Optotypes Card, Power Cable, AC-DC Adapter