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Digital Zoom Operation Microscope (SOM-2000Ex)
  • Digital Zoom Operation Microscope (SOM-2000Ex)
  • Digital Zoom Operation Microscope (SOM-2000Ex)
  • Digital Zoom Operation Microscope (SOM-2000Ex)

Digital Zoom Operation Microscope (SOM-2000Ex)

Zoom Microscope, applied for ophthalmology
Detailed description

Digital Zoom Operation Microscope

Model: SOM-2000Ex


1. Germany made Schott optics lens with multi-coated, high transparency and Apochromatic technology ensure clear and bright field of view.
2.  6°±2°coaxial illumination technology has better illumination and bigger area of red-reflex , the back capsule of the lens is more clear during the operation period.
3.  multi-layer filters:  UV, IR Filters are used to arrest the heat energy, and it also has yellow spot protecting filter, redfree filters, illumination damage prevented filter etc.
4. Electromagnetic lock and balance technology ensure the easy operation and stable orientation.
5. Cold light source is bright and even enough, which does no harm to tissues.
6. Agility arthrosis: The instrument adopts the space balance technique, both the microscope part and the balance arm can be moved easily to any directions.

Magnification for Main Microscope  4.6x27x Zoom
Diameter of Visual Field φ46 φ8.5mm
Filter UV & IR filter, yellow spot protection filter, redfree
Arthrosis Fixation Electromagnetic Lock
Magnification for Assistant Microscope 6.2x, 9.3x, 14x
Objective Focus F=200mm
Working Distance 195mm
Optional Objectives f=250mm/300mm/350mm/400mm (Optional)
Magnification of Eyepiece 12.5x/18B
Adjustable rang of Diopter  ±6D
The height of eyepiece cover 18mm
Visual angle of main scope 30°~90°
Visual angle of assistant scope 45°
Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance 55mm75mm
Light Source 15V/150W, medical cold-reflection halogen bulbs 
Brightness adjustment Level 1 to level 9
Maximal Resolution 126LP/mm
Illumination mode 6°and 6±2°coaxial illumination
Illumination Type 6°coaxial illumination, 6°±2°coaxial illumination
Illumination maximum intensity ≥50000lx
Max stretch radius of microscope arm 1320mm
Vertical movement range (from floor to the front surface of objective) 880-1420mm
Maximal Height for Microscope 1710mm
Fine Focusing Speed ≤2mm/s
Moving range of coordinate device 50mm×50mm
Moving speed of coordinate device ≤2mm/s 
Input Voltage AC220V±10%/ 50Hz±1Hz or AC110V±10% / 60Hz±1Hz
Input Power 480VA
Electrical Safety Standard Executive standard IEC601-1 Type B, Kind I
Packing Volume 1.494 CBM, 5 cartons
Total Weight 302 kgs